Here is a full list of ridiculous world records waiting to be set or broken.
 Click on each record for details.


E1. Longest Time Pretending to be Foreign
E2. Longest Time Wearing A Full-Face Crash Helmet
E3. Longest Time in a Lift (elevator)
E4. Longest Time on the Lavatory
E5. Longest Time with Testicles on a Table Spoon
E6. Longest Time with Someone Else's Testicles on a Table Spoon
E7. Longest 'Keepie-Up' with a Tennis Ball
E8. Most Dog Poop Trodden In in 1 Day
E9. Longest Time Wearing Only a Pair Of 'Y Fronts' (men only)
E10. Longest Butt Kicking Contest
E11. Longest Time Standing Naked in the Rain
E12. Most Holes Of Golf Played Without Using A Golf Club or Ball
E13. Longest Continuous Air Guitar/Head Banging
E14. Most Tennis Balls Held - Naked
E15. Most Regulation Soccer Balls Held - Naked
E16. Longest Continuous Playing of 'Stairway To Heaven' on Acoustic Guitar
E17. Longest Gargle
E18. Longest Time with Finger Up Nose
E19. Longest Time Without Blinking
E20. Longest Time Without A Wash/Shower/Bath/Shave/Teeth Clean
E21. Longest Game of Eye-Spy
E22. Longest Time Sitting with Arms Folded and Legs Crossed
E23. Heaviest Object Dropped onto Unprotected Foot
E24. Most Sausages Barbequed Naked
E25. Most Dogs Kissed on the Lips in 1 hour
E26. Longest Handstand in a Swimming Pool
E27. Longest Pub Crawl
E28. Longest Time Standing in the Corner
E29. Longest Time Twirling
E30. Most Mossie Bites in 1 Night
E31. Longest Time Standing on a Chair
E32. Longest Continuous Game of 'Slaps'
E33. Longest Continuous Game of 'Knuckles'
E34. Longest Time Watching TV
E35. Longest Time Listening to Fleetwood Mac 'Rumours'
E36. Longest Continuous Karaoke Singing of 'New York, New York'
E37. Longest 'Wheelie' on a bicycle One-Handed
E38. Highest Unsupported Tower of Coins
E39. Most People on a Mountain Bike
E40. Longest Time Playing 'Patience'
E41. Longest Time Continuous Reading of Danielle Steel Novels
E42. Longest Time Hanging Upside Down from a Tree
E43. Biggest Lie
E44. Furthest Rolled Downhill in a Trash Can
E45. Most People Pi$$ed Off in one Go
E46. Longest Time Floating on an Inflatable in a Swimming Pool
E47. Most Swear Words on a Scrabble Board
E48. Biggest Wipe-Out (Skis, Snowboard, Surfboard, Skateboard)
E49. Longest Time Hanging from Anything by One Arm
E50. Longest time wearing the same pair of underpants
E51. Longest time with cocktail umbrella up one's butt
E52. Longest time in a train lavatory without being thrown out by the guard
E53. Furthest distance in a train lavatory without being thrown out by the guard
E54. Longest time in an aircraft lavatory without being thrown out by the cabin attendant
E55. Most people 'air kissed' in 5 minutes
E56. Most requests of station staff at Kings Cross, London for location of platform 9¾
E57. Longest time with entire contents of a perfume, eau de toillette or after shave bottle tipped over oneself
E58. Most press-ups into a bowl of custard in one minute
E59. Longest time holding a pint of beer at arms length
E60. Most press-ups on top of partner
E61. Most farts 'taken to the head'
E62. Longest time spent fighting on a bouncy castle under the influence of alcohol
E63. Longest time watching re-runs of 'Eldorado' - the dodgy BBC soap set in Spain


D1. Most Big Macs in 10 minutes
D2. Most Hard-Boiled Eggs in 5 minutes
D3. Most Cans of Soda in 1 hour
D4. Fastest 8 Pints and a Curry
D5. Fastest Jar of Branston Pickle
D6. Most Bananas in 5 minutes
D7. Fastest 20 'Fag' Chain Smoke
D8. Most MacDonalds Shakes in 10 minutes
D9. Fastest 2 Gallons (U.K.) of Water
D10. Fastest 'Yard' of Coca Cola (or any other soda)
D11. Most 'Malteasers' in 5 minutes
D12. Most Calories in 24 hours
D13. Fastest 'Six of one and Half a Dozen of the other'
D14. Most 'Malteasers' in the mouth at once
D15. Most Beer in 5 minutes
D16. Most 'Tequilla Slammers'
D17. Fastest cocktail consumed through nose
D18. Fastest pint of tomato juice
D19. Most jelly (jell-o) in 5 minutes
D20. Most packets of crisps (chips) in 5 minutes
D21. Fastest time to eat a single page of a tabloid newspaper
D22. Fastest bottle of beer consumed through nose
D23. Fastest bottle of beer consumed upside-down
D24. Fastest 3 pints
D25. Fastest 10 pints
D26. Most Cadbury's Cream Eggs in 5 minutes
D27. Most cocktail cherries in 1 minute
D28. Most cocktail olives in one minute
D29. Most cocktail lemon slices in 1 minute
D30. Most alcoholic test tubes in 10 seconds


A1. Most signatures collected on butt in two minutes
A2. Most times you can zip/unzip your fly in one minute
A3. Most bras (brassieres) undone in one minute
A4. Most 'Pheasant Plucker' tongue-twisters in one minute
A5. Most Ali G lookalikes in one place at one time
A6. Best Re-make Of A Popular Movie
A7.Fastest to shave off every body hair
A8. Untidiest House
A9. Dirtiest Car
A10. Most Pubs or Bars Visited in 1 hour
A11. Longest Street Luge on a Wooden Catering Tray
A12. Most lit cigarrettes in mouth at once
A13. Most lit cigarrettes stuffed into body orifices at once
A14. Most damage done to a car with one's head (intentional)
A15. Largest area of skin coloured-in with ball point
A16. Most peanuts in mouth at one time
A17. Smallest thong
A18. Most cocktail accessories in butt hole
A19. Most butts photo-copied at once
A20. Most breasts photo-copied at once
A21. Most requests to a DJ for 'Hi Ho Silver Lining'
A22. Fastest to remove 4 alloy wheels and leave vehicle up on blocks or bricks
A23. Most dinner plates stacked on top of head

Track & Field

G1. 100 metres Hop
G2. 100 metres Space Hopper
G3. Golf Umbrella Toss
G4. 100 metres Baby Crawl
G5. 100 metres Mince (Mens)
G6. 100 metres Pogo Stick
G7. 7 inch Vinyl Single Toss
G8. 100 metres Microscooter
G9. 400 metres Microscooter
G10. Toilet Roll Toss (farthest)
G11. Fastest Mile Blindfold
G12. 100 metres Walking On Hands
G13. 400 metres Running Backwards
G14. Bucket Kick
G15. 400 metres Wheelbarrow
G16. 400 metres Wheelbarrow
G17. 100 metres Skip
G18. 100 metres Skip
G19. Farthest throw of a PC 'QUERTY' keyboard
G20. 25 metre naked wheelbarrow (pairs)
G21. 100 metres wheelie bin dash (pairs)
G22. Pedestrian Crossing Long-Jump


B1. Biggest Butt
B2. Hairiest Back
B3. Furriest Tongue
B4. Biggest Hair
B5. Most Zits
B6. Hairiest Pits
B7. Worst Hair
B8. Worst teeth
B9. Hairiest Ears
B10. Longest Pube
B11. Sweatiest
B12. Hairiest Butt
B13. Smelliest
B14. Hairiest Nose
B15. Ugliest
B16. Biggest nipples

In Public

F1. Largest Mass Moon
F2. Longest Time on a Toy Mobile Phone
F3. Longest Time Sitting Cross-Legged in a Shopping Mall - Chanting
F4. Longest Military Crawl in a Shopping Mall
F5. Longest Time Walking Up a 'Down' Escalator
F6. Longest Time Continuously Plane/Train 'spotting'
F7. Longest Time in a Public Lavatory Cubicle
F8. Longest Time on a Child's Swing in a Public Playground
F9. Longest Time Scratching Butt
F10. Longest Time in a Public Call Box Pretending To Be On The Phone
F11. Longest Streak
F12. Longest Time on a Child's Climbing Frame in a Public Playground

F14. Longest Time with a Pair of 'Y Fronts' On Your Head
F15. Longest Time Hugging a Tree or Lamp Post
F16. Longest Time on a Park Bench
F17. Longest time with wet patch on trousers in the groin area
F18. Largest mass 'row-boat dance'


H1. Worst Tie
H2. Most Money Scrounged From Colleagues in 1 day
H3. Biggest Butt-Kisser
H4. Most Free Coffee in 1 day
H5. Most Stationary Stolen for Personal Use in 1 week
H6. Best Excuse for Lateness
H7. Speed Type 'my boss is a twat' - Most in 1 munute
H8. Most revolutions in a swivvel chair in 1 minute
H9. Fastest discharge of 100 staples
H10. Most annoying telephone 'on hold' muzac
H11. Highest stack of stackable 'in' trays
H12. Most holes in a sheet of A4 with a standard size hole punch
H13. Longest time sitting at a desk with no trousers on - un-noticed
H14. Most times using the word 'phenomenal' in a genuine business telephone conversation
H15. Most people linked together via body piercings using paperclips
H16. Most bulldog clips attached to face
H17. Most sellotape wrapped around head
H18. Quickest insertion of a 3.5" diskette into an empty standard 5000 26/6 staple box
H19. Most completed games of Microsoft Minesweeper in 10 minutes
H20. Most 3.5" diskettes flipped beermat stylie
H21. Most obscenities written on colleagues shoes with correction fluid - undetected
H22. Most people involved in a game of soccer with a rolled-up paper ball
H23. Longest time pretending to be a looped information message while keeping a caller 'on hold'
H24. Longest lunch break
H25. Most obscenities printed on an A4 sheet in 12pt Arial font

Bodily Functions

C1. Longest Fart
C2. Loudest Fart
C3. Longest Medley of Farts
C4. Longest Belch
C5. Loudest Belch
C6. Longest Pee - Duration
C7. Farthest Pee - Over The Ground From Standing Position
C8. Highest Pee - Up Urinal Wall
C9. Longest Time Without A Pee
C10. Most Sweat Produced in 1 Hour
C11. Longest Spit - Lateral
C12. Longest Spit - Vertical
C13. Longest Puke - Duration
C14. Longest Puke - Distance
C15. Most People Puked On
C16. Longest Stool
C17. Most Stools (see above) passed in 24 hours
C18. Most simultaneous belch/farts in a row
C19. Most 'Blue Flamers' in a row
C20. Most impressive 'Blue Flamer'
C21. Most men peeing into a bucket at the same time
C22. Most women peeing into a bucket at the same time
C23. Most farts in a crowded lift (without being found out)

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