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          Track and Field   

G1.100 metres Hop
Requirements: Hop on same foot (unsupported - other foot must not touch ground) - fastest time
Record holder: open

G2.100 metres Space Hopper
Requirements: Bounce over the distance - no running with space hopper between legs - fastest time
Record holder: open

G3.Golf Umbrella Toss
Requirements: Toss a furled (closed) golf umbrella for distance - any style toss (eg javelin, hammer, caber)
Record holder: Gerald Davis, Derby, England
Details: 30 feet "Actually during a round of golf - fairway rage" January 2003

G4.100 metres Baby Crawl
Requirements: Crawl on hands and knees - padding optional - fastest time
Record holder: open

G5.100 metres Mince (Mens)
Requirements: As speed walking but with the addition of appropriate gestures and phrases such as
"Oooh, look at her - wouldn't catch me wearing that and look at the size of her legs and who are you looking at? I'd
scratch yer eyes out if I thought I wouldn't break a nail or smudge me lippy and another thing these knickers are
are doin' me a mischief and...."  you get the idea - fastest time 
Record holder: open 

G6.100 metres Pogo Stick
Requirements: Bounce the distance without falling off - fastest time
Record holder: open

G7.7 inch Vinyl Single Toss
Requirements: Any single, tossed any style, distance over the ground - not restricted to early Jimmy Osmond recordings
Record holder: Terry Symonds, Manchester, England
Details: 32 metres "Motown" February 2003

G8.100 metres Microscooter
Requirements: a) microscooter b) 100 metres of flat ground 
Record holder: open

G9.400 metres Microscooter
Requirements: See above - add 300 metres
Record holder: open

G10.Toilet Roll Toss (farthest)
Requirements: Indoor or outdoor with no wind assistance - loose tail - must land at least partly unwound -
one metre tail trailing freely at start of throw
Record holder: N Cox, Hampton, England
Details: 30 metres - January 2003

G11.Fastest Mile Blindfold
Requirements: Must be completely blindfold - verbal assistance permitted
Record holder: open

G12.100 metres Walking On Hands
Requirements: Walk on hands (handstand) for full distance - unlimited falls are
allowed but you must resume from exactly the same position that you fell
Record holder: Kyle Lupo, Los Angeles, USA
Details: 2 minutes and 38 seconds "Nearly lost my lunch" January 2003

G13.400 metres Running Backwards
Requirements: Turns of the head are allowed as long as the strides are not deemed to be sideways or forward
Record holder: open

G14.Bucket Kick
Requirements: Standard plastic bucket (one that stands around 16" high) - kick for distance - 
any footware permitted, including steel toecaps
Record holder: Carl Mason, Wolverhampton, England
Details: 27.20 metres (indoor) March 2003

G15.400 metres Wheelbarrow
Requirements: Pairs of similar size and weight - one holding the others legs wheelbarrow style - 
unlimited changes during the distance
Record holder: open

G16.400 metres Wheelbarrow
Requirements: Real wheelbarrow - one inside, one pushing - unlimited changes during the distance
Record holder: open

G17.100 metres Skip
Requirements: Childs style skipping - no rope
Record holder: open

G18.100 metres Skip
Requirements: Skipping with a rope
Record holder: open

G19. Farthest throw of a PC 'QUERTY' keyboard
Requirements: May be thrown by the cable 'hammer' style
Record holder: Leslie Warden, Dover, England
Details: 17.70 metres "Hammer style - I hate my work" March 2003

G20. 25 metre naked wheelbarrow (pairs)
Requirements: Pairs of any size and weight, male or female - one holding the others legs wheelbarrow style - 
unlimited changes during the distance - NAKED (all soft and dangly bits unsupported and flapping in the breeze)
Record holder: open

G21. 100 metres wheelie bin dash (pairs)
Requirements: One wheelie bin and one mate. Throw your mate in the bin and leg-it down the road
(take the bin with you) Quickest over a distance of 100m
Further distinction for already having other people's crap in the bin at the time
Record holder: open

G22. Pedestrian Crossing Long-Jump
Requirements: Pedestrian crossing, preferably with no vehicles or other pedestrians on it -
take a run up and launch yourself from the pavement - touch down with both feet
click here for PICTURE
Record holder: Salim Malik, London, England
Details: 9 feet - cleared 3 black and 2 white stripes - distinction awarded for style also

Any other suggestions for throwing or kicking anything will be carefully considered (no animals please)

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