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D1.Most Big Macs in 10 minutes
Requirements: "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions - all on a sesame seed bun". 
Eat the lot - nothing to be taken out - as many as possible in 10 minutes
Record holder: Steve Inman, Warwick, England
Details: 3 "You gotta start somewhere" January 2003

D2.Most Hard-Boiled Eggs in 5 minutes
Requirements: None really - with or without shells
Record holder: open

D3.Most Cans of Soda in 1 hour
Requirements: 330ml cans or equivalent - Coke, Sprite etc
Record holder: Sheila Hoffer, Denver, USA
Details: 6 "Not as easy as it sounds" February 2003

D4.Fastest 8 Pints and a Curry
(WARNING - this is a national passtime in parts of the U.K. - 
non U.K. nationals may need to seek medical advice before attempt)
Requirements: Meal - 2 different curry dishes plus rice (side dishes optional). 8 Pints - BEER ONLY (any)
(may use U.S. or metric equivalent measure for 8 Pints)
Record holder: Jim Raymont, Birmingham, England
Details: 1 hour and 18 minutes "And proud of it" January 2003

D5.Fastest Jar of Branston Pickle
Requirements: 620g jar (one that's about 6" tall) of Branston Pickle - eat it all, either with something else or on its own
Record holder: open

D6.Most Bananas in 5 minutes
Requirements: Bananas 6" or longer - peel them first if you like
Record holder: open

D7.Fastest 20 'Fag' Chain Smoke
Requirements: Chain smoke 20 filtered cigarettes down to the filter (only one at a time please)
(WARNING - smoking can seriously damage your health - mind you, so can almost all of the 
records on this website, so we won't be bothering with any further warning messages)
Record holder: Neil Froggett, West Midlands, England
Details: 27 minutes and 28 seconds - Lungs now sitting in a jar on his coffee table February 2003

D8.Most MacDonalds Shakes in 10 minutes
Requirements: Must be consumed through a single MacDonalds drinking straw
Record holder: open

D9.Fastest 2 Gallons (U.K.) of Water
Requirements: 2 gallons of water and a lunatic
Record holder: open

D10.Fastest 'Yard' of Coca Cola (or any other soda)
(We were going to call this 'Yard of Coke' but we thought we might be swamped with ageing rock stars)
Requirements: Full Yard of Ale glass
Record holder: open

D11.Most 'Malteasers' in 5 minutes
Requirements: Lots of 'malteasers'
Record holder: open

D12.Most Calories in 24 hours
Requirements: As recorded from food/drink packaging
Record holder: open

D13.Fastest 'Six of one and Half a Dozen of the other'
Requirements: Six pints (imperial) of any beer and 6 standard shots of any spirit - no particular order
One bucket
Record holder: Mark Betchell, Slough, England
Details: 8 minutes and 14 seconds - Courage Best Bitter and Bells Scotch "Strong start - faded rapidly" February 2003

D14.Most 'Malteasers' in the mouth at once
Requirements: Must still be recognizable when removed from mouth for adjudication
Record holder: Stevie Dainton, Chard, England
Details: 15 -  February 2003

D15.Most Beer in 5 minutes
Requirements: Any old beer
Record holder: Eric Lean, Crawley, England
Details: 7¾ pints (imp) "Had to stop - got the juices" January 2003

D16. Most 'Tequilla Slammers'
Requirements: No more than 10 seconds between each one - at least one standard shot of tequilla per slammer
Record holder: open

D17. Fastest cocktail consumed through nose
Requirements: Any cocktail - big or small - through nose
Record holder: open

D18. Fastest pint of tomato juice
Requirements: Any style - with tobasco or worcestershire sauce if you think it'll help you chug better
Record holder: Colin Upton, Newcastle, England
Details: 21 seconds (with Worcestershire Sauce) "Attempted a quick chug, but it came back at me" December 2002

D19. Most jelly (jell-o) in 5 minutes
Requirements: Can't really think of any
Record holder: open

D20. Most packets of crisps (chips) in 5 minutes
Requirements: Standard 25g packets - any flavour
Record holder: open

D21. Fastest time to eat a single page of a tabloid newspaper
Requirements: Someone stupid enough to do it
Record holder: open

D22. Fastest bottle of beer consumed through nose
Requirements: Simpleton
Record holder: open

D23. Fastest bottle of beer consumed upside-down
Requirements: Must be fully inverted
Record holder: open

D24. Fastest 3 pints
Requirements: Any liquid - imperial pints
Record holder: Barry Wilson, Stroud, England
Details: 31 seconds (beer) December 2002

D25. Fastest 10 pints
Requirements: Any liquid - imperial pints
Record holder: open

D26. Most Cadbury's Cream Eggs in 5 minutes
Requirements: May be unwrapped before attempt
Record holder: Robert Mills, London, England
Details: 8 - December 2002

D27. Most cocktail cherries in 1 minute
Requirements: Good toilet cleaner - it may resemble an explosion in a fruit cake factory down there
Record holder:

D28. Most cocktail olives in one minute
Requirements: Someone else to clean the toilet
Record holder:

D29. Most cocktail lemon slices in 1 minute
Requirements: Fresh or from a jar - the whole thing - pith and all
Warning! - If you don't already have a face like a smacked arse - you will after this
Record holder: Elaine Isaac, Manchester, England
Details: 9 (Bitter and twisted) December 2002

D30. Most alcoholic test tubes in 10 seconds
proposed by Naomi Kent
Requirements: Lack of common sense
Record holder: Naomi Kent, Leeds, England
Details: 3 - March 2003

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