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       Frequently asked Qestions   

Why was Ridiculous Records set up?
To hold a World Record is a very special thing. We wanted to give everyone the chance to be a
record holder by setting challenges that almost anyone can attempt (all right, some of them are
a bit dodgy).  You don't have to be super fit, super strong or super intelligent (in fact, the dumber
the better) to set or break these records, but you probably will need a sense of humour.

What will I get out of it?
A sense of achievement, possibly a lot of fun, probably some form of illness or injury.
In addition you will receive a certificate (with the exception of the 'mass participation' records) and an entry into this catalogue for as long as you remain in the top three of your chosen discipline.

Who else can benefit?
We strongly recommend that record attempts are made in order to raise funds for good causes.
You wouldn't want all that effort to be wasted now, would you?

Who constructed the list?
The Keeper of the Records compiled the list over a period of some minutes. The list is a compilation
 of things observed from everyday life, along with a sprinkle of adapted college type stunts. Mainly,
however, the challenges have come from the twisted mind of the Keeper himself. He will have been
seen sitting in a corner somewhere, giggling to himself, scribbling furiously on scraps of paper.

Those scraps of paper have now been turned into these pages.

 This is not the end of the list, however. The Keeper will consider any suggestions for additions to the catalogue.
If deemed suitable, the record will be displayed along with an acknowledgement of its' proposer.

  What will it cost me?
  Nothing - Nada - Zip.

What about safety - are you responsible in any way?
Forget it!
We cannot be held responsible for your actions in any way and the mere fact that
you are browsing this site tells us it's probably the case that you can't either.

Seriously though, anyone wishing to make an attempt on an existing record, or indeed set a new one,
must be aware of their own limits and take all necessary steps to avoid injury to themselves and others.

GoCo Catalogue of Ridiculous Records cannot take any responsibility for accidents,
illness or damage to property which may arise during, or as a result of any record attempt.

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

What do I do next?
If you feel you want to set a record, attempt to break an existing record, propose a
new record for the catalogue or ask any other questions, contact us immediately.

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