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B1.Biggest Butt
Requirements: The biggest butt, behind, bottom, arse, whatever - needs to be BIG!
(we will accept measurement of girth around the arse region - get a tape measure round it)
Record holder: Sue Simpson, Farnborough, England
Details: Bloody HUGE (not accurately measured) April 2002

B2.Hairiest Back
Requirements: Hair - lots of it - on the back between neck and butt crack - enough said
Record holder: open 

B3.Furriest Tongue
Requirements: Generally not having rinsed or gargled for a month or two - nasty furry deposits - deep as possible
Record holder: David Forrester, Swindon, England
Details: "Watched him scrape it - must have been 3 milimetres deep in yellow stuff" witness January 2003

B4.Biggest Hair
Requirements: By volume or height
Record holder: open

B5.Most Zits
Requirements: Most zits on face (there is NO requirement to work in a fast food establishment)
Record holder: Mike Hurst, London, England
Details: 17 (10 with heads) December 2002

B6.Hairiest Pits
Requirements: Anyone eligable, not restricted to certain stereotypical groups or nationalities
Record holder: open 

B7.Worst Hair
Requirements: Bad hair
Record holder: open

B8.Worst teeth
Requirements: Black, stained, missing, askew - not good
Record holder: open

B9.Hairiest Ears
Requirements: Age helps here - generally the older you get, the hairier your ears get
Record holder: Delwyn Jones, Fishguard, Wales
Details: "Can't see his ear'oles due to masses of the stuff" witness January 2003

B10.Longest Pube
Requirements: Longest pubic hair - not necessarily still attached
Record holder: Matthew Simpson, Farnborough, England
Details: Approx 4 inches (he only has the one, though) October 2002

Requirements: Must perspire freely with minimal effort - the smellier, the better
Record holder: open 

B12.Hairiest Butt
Requirements: Measured from just south of where hairiest back finishes
Record holder: open 

Requirements: May be drawn from the ranks of the sweatiest, those in the farts categories,
or indeed anyone else worthy of the title
Record holder: open 

B14.Hairiest Nose
Requirements: Visible, untrimmed nasal hair
Record holder: open 

Requirements: Pig ugly
Record holder: Barry 'Plug' Moore, Staines, England
Details: He's so Fugly, when he was born, the midwife couldn't work out which end to smack 1958-Present

B16. Biggest nipples
Requirements: Game bird
Record holder: open

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